Equality and Diversity (Awarding)


We are  committed to the active promotion of equality, tackling discrimination and valuing all learners. We will comply with all current and relevant equalities legislation (where applicable). We aim to deliver a service and range of qualifications (and / or related assessments) that are fair, accessible  and do not include any unnecessary barriers to entry. Where there are features of a qualification (and / or the related assessment) that could disadvantage a group of learners, this will be made clear at the point of application for an assessment (for example, the language selection for a written assessment).

We will provide appropriate guidance  to our staff regarding accessibility to qualifications and assessments. We will ensure that we comply with the requirements  of equalities law (where applicable) in relation to each of qualifications/unit/assessment we make available. We will ensure that none of our qualifications, units or assessments has any feature that would disadvantage learners because of their age, disability, gender  reassignment, pregnancy  or maternity, race or religion (with the exception of any restrictions put in place by any prevailing local governmental or other regulatory authority).

 Note: This policy is adapted from the policy recommended and maintained by Future Awards and Qualifications, as maintained here.